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For over three decades, Gibbons has created abstract paintings that explores the expression of movement with an interacting arrangements of color & texture. Each composition is the result of a deliberative process guided by careful attention to spatial relationships. Working slowly, he accumulate paint gradually, allowing the process of arriving at a given formation to take precedence.

Gibbons is a non-representational abstract painter born in Montreal, now living in Toronto. He generally works with acrylic paints, but does a great deal of combining materials and mediums. Schooled in the visual arts and in architecture (ultimately receiving a license to practice), his works have been exhibited in arts fairs & galleries across the USA, Canada & internationally.

In 2014, Gibbons was featured by Acrylic Artist Magazine as one of the 29 Top Painters. His 3 gallery tour of China in 2007-2008 landed him a feature on Arts & Culture in 2008 with Dr. Yawei Ciu on OMNI-TV. Over the last 8 years, his works have been exhibited in 7 solo shows, 8 group shows, plus 2 TV features & several magazines. The works of Charles Gibbons have found their way into art collections in Nashville, New York, Naples, Toronto, Montreal, and internationally in Singapore, Beijing & Tokyo.

All of his works endeavour's to transcend time. He does not want to create art that addresses current fads, or requires dialogue to be understood and appreciated. His works reaches into the cultural soul, now and for the future. After over 30 years in the art world,  over 50 exhibitions, a couple of books, several magazine articles, Gibbons works are still evolving.

The Contemporary Art Review said after my last New York show that “One of the most impressive qualities that emerges out of each work of Charles Gibbons is its lyrical drive which forms a visual choreography of parts related to wholes as well as voids and subtle coloristic tonalities connected to compositional shapes. The compelling drama of energized suspension pervades all of Gibbons’ artistic work.”

Gibbons strongest artistic influences are a combination of architects, artists, and mathematicians. For mathematics is the study of abstraction + logic, shapes + motion which are all present in art. All his works explores the structure of energy and space.

As far back as I remember I have painted and built things, all sort of things. Between all my family I had access to a wonderful woodworking shop, metal shop, paint shop, and a bookbinding shop. I have known from an early age what I wanted and fortunately was encouraged to pursue my dreams.

My studies brought me through graduate studies in architecture, and art peppered with healthy doses of craftsmanship from all the workshops I had access to. I began my first abstract work in 1977 with a strong influence from geometry, probably part of my architectural schooling. I continue to work in abstract because I love its purity. Every element is so simple. It's just you and the painting together being totally in the moment.

I believe that abstract painting has had the uncanny ability to be all thing to all people. Abstraction remains for me the most fluid of forms. Born with the brushes of such artists as Gorky and Kandinsky, then evolving texturally with abstract expressionists such as Pollock and de Kooning, and then into the reductive sheen of Kelly and Newman. The abstract form has come to represent a tug of war between two poles. I toggle between the spontaneous and the contemplative, to great effect.

The focus of my works throughout the years has been the investigation of the relationship between colour, form, texture & movement. I see the paint as the subject, the texture as the form, and the movement the inspiration.  My works will evolve and change over time, constantly exploring new venues of expression. What exactly will my art be, that I cannot even imagine. Throughout the process I always keep four items constant.

First, my painting should stand by itself and not rely on a description to bring meaning and value.

Second, my art is about focusing attention. Taking you away from the present moment into thinking about what went through my mind the moment I created my art. I believe that art is not a reflection of a thing seen, but a compound of feelings aroused in the artist by seeing things

Third, The emotional and intellectual content of my art has an equal standing in the process with the technical and aesthetical aspects. This merger is key in my continuing investigation and exploration of the endless possibilities and spectrum of what painting is, and what it can be.

And fourth, I dedicate myself to developing and evolving my art.