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The artist may be willing to provide support by the donation of works of art for fundraising purposes. Please apply 60 days in advance of the event, to

Organizations wishing to apply for support are requested to send an email listing their activities, the nature of the event, live auction, silent auction, and indicate the way in which the donated work will be used in fundraising.

Please indicate if the donation will be advertised and if the artists work is to be used in promotional materials.

Generally works donated are to be exhibited at the event, and will have a reserve price which must be met in order for the work to be sold. Reserves are set at a discount over full retail, to provide incentive to your patrons to purchase, but the integrity and value of the art must be upheld and any unsold works must be withdraw, and returned immediately following the event.

If you are a registered charity and will be issuing a tax receipt, will this be for the value of the donated works?

Please provide your charitable number and a contact person name and phone number, who will issue the receipt, and the date by which the receipt will be received.

The information you provide will allow us to decide if we can assist you in providing an appropriate work, to meet your objectives.

Regardless, we wish you success with your event.

email: or phone: 647.977.2800