A brief history of where Gibbons has been to get where he is
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Gibbons is a non-representational abstract painter born in Montreal, now living in Toronto. He generally works with acrylic paints, but does a great deal of combining materials and mediums. His works have sold in fairs and galleries from Singapore, Beijing China, Naples USA, Toronto, Montreal and places in between. In 2014, Gibbons was featured by Acrylic Artist Magazine as one of the 29 Top Painters. His 3 gallery tour of China in 2007-2008 landed him a feature on Arts & Culture in 2008 with Dr. Yawei Ciu on OMNI-TV.

All of his works endeavours to transcend time. He does not want to create art that addresses current fads, or requires dialogue to be understood and appreciated. His works reaches into the cultural soul, now and for the future. After over 30 years in the art world,  over 50 exhibitions, a couple of books, several magazine articles, Gibbons works are still evolving.

If one thing stands out in the art work of Charles Gibbons, it is how he has taken the "All-Over" approach to painting one step further. He wraps the painting around the edges of the canvas, so when hung they appear to grow out of the wall sculpturally. The resulting work emerges as a shimmering visual statement. Charles describes his art as intense, reflecting a sense of freedom and unpredictability. He states that "I approach the canvas with an idea of what I want, but as the piece progresses it takes on a life of its own. I don't paint my canvas. I challenge the surface using a complete arsenal of paints, wood, ceramic, foam, stone, sand and gels. Building upon each other until it speaks from my soul and gives me a sense of fulfillment".

Gibbons started his career after graduate studies in Architecture and apprenticing with Arthur Erickson, he first sought creative freedom in the built environment. But, architecture has its limitations versus the unbridled environment of a painter's studio.

Gibbons strongest artistic influences are a combination of architects, artists, and mathematicians. For mathematics is the study of abstraction + logic, shapes + motion which are all present in art. All his works explores the structure of energy and space.

Charles Gibbons works can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the USA, Canada, Japan, China, & Singapore.